Shabohurira Immaculate

Kiconco Fortunate
May 31, 2016
Abaho Martha
February 21, 2017

Shabohurira Immaculate

Kitanga Primary School is located deep in the hills of Kigezi out of Kabale town.

The children in this school did not seem excited about the sponsorship that was being offered by The Kansiime Foundation as most of them know it for a fact that they cannot study beyond P7.Their parents play a big role in this way of thinking as this is what happened to most of them and some did not go to school at all so they see no importance in their children studying beyond P7 or even going to school at all.

Some say they cannot afford primary school then how shall they afford secondary. They do not mention university because they see it as a dream. A big percentage of the parents prefer their children to grow crops or graze animals so that the families can get what to eat.

For those who let their children go to school, they face challenges like raising school fees issues, affording scholastic materials, even power for them to read at home. Most of them use lamps that function with paraffin. For those who can afford, they have to limit the children’s hours of study as they have to spare some for the next day. Some cannot afford at all.

These children have no hope of a better and brighter future at all they are just waiting to complete their primary 7 and that will be the end of their education dream.

The Kansiime Foundation is trying its best to see that the parents and children’s mind-set towards education and its benefits changes by giving sponsorship to the needy children. The foundations mission is to help the children see that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel so that they can begin to have interest in education and go to school.