About Us

THE KANSIIME FOUNDATION is a Child-Youth Centred Charity Foundation established by deeply committed members to empower the vulnerable children of Uganda through education, talents development, career guidance and provision of basic needs.

The foundation targets the vulnerable children, orphans, children with disabilities (CWD), the gifted/talented and needy youth in Uganda. This category of beneficiaries mean and include the children whose parents are either dead or unable to provide the necessary basic requirements of education.



Providing Quality education to the needy children across Uganda.


To provide gifted, but economically and socially deprived children with the opportunity to education.


  • To provide bright but needy children with school fees and other requirements.
  • To find children with extraordinary talents and help to facilitate the development of those talents.
  • To create real and long lasting relationships with local communities we work with.
  • To work with the guardians of the children to ensure that they are protected and given proper care while away from school.
  • To make sure we facilitate these children with all they need to pass with good grades.
  • To provide counseling and guidance services to the community members and not forgetting the children and youth.
  • To use all the resources allocated to ensure that the children get their education and other necessities.

The values of The Kansiime Foundation shall be based on principles of;

  1. Love
  2. Service beyond self
  3. Courage
  4. Integrity
  5. Respect
  6. Teamwork
  7. Empathy
  8. Unity and diversity
  9. Dependability
  10. Innovation and creativity